Types Of Electronic Circuit Board

Types Of Electronic Circuit Board

Breadboard Circuit

A breadboard is used to make up temporary circuits. it is done for testing purposes or to try out an idea. No soldering is required in it and all the components used can be re-used later. It is very simple to change connections and substitue components. Breadboard are available in different sizes,you can get one as a beginner in electronic.

Breadboard Circuit



A Stripboard is used to make up permanent, soldered circuits. It is also known as perforated circuit board. It is done for small circuits. Avoid water contact with the stripboard,this will corrode the copper tracks and as a result make soldering difficult. Always clean the copper tracks before you start soldering.

Type of electronic circuit

Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit board also known as PCB, is used to make permanent soldered circuits by drilling holes on a copper sheets laminated onto a nonconductive substrates. It is first designed to lay out the circuit before holes are being being drilled.








There are three major types of printed circuit board construction they are:

  • single-sided (one copper layer)
  • Double-sided (two copper layers)
  •  Multi-layered (outer and inner layer)


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