Top 10 Electronic Hobbyists Blogs

Top 10 Electronic Hobbyists Blogs

Here is a list of top 10 electronic hobbyists blogs that I have found on the web. These blogs can inspire and teach you about electronic even if you are a beginner in it. You can read about cool electronic projects and components from these blogs. Check out these blogs and get inspired to create new amazing things.


This is one the favourite blogs I love to visit. It has lots of classical and interesting electronic projects, 90% of its contents are electronic projects. The projects are categorised into alarm circuits, amplifier circuits, audio circuits, converter circuits, counter circuits, electronic locks,inverter circuits and so much more. You also have the chance to share your creation with the world by submitting it. Just check it out!


Electronic-Tutorial comprises mostly of electronic tutorials articles. It has tutorials articles on AC circuits, amplifiers, DC circuits, electromagnetism, logic gates,etc. Just Read and know. Check it out!

Electronics Hub

Electronics Hub has over 160 great and interesting electronic projects for electronic hobbyists. It also has tutorials (DIY electronics courses) where students or electronics hobbyist can learn a lot. Check it out!

Hack A Day

There are lots of interesting projects and articles on this hack blog. They update their blog with many posts every day. You can engage in the competition tagged ‘Hackaday Prize’ where you have the chance to participate in the competition and get rewarded.

Build-Electronic-Circuits is a personal blog that teaches its readers how to build electronic circuits. There are lots projects you can make as a beginner in electronic. Check it out!

Spark Fun

Sparkfun Electronics offer classes and tutorials to teach readers on electronics. They also sell bits and pieces of electronic components.


Circuit-Projects contains many DIY projects. It also have news, interesting articles, comics, events and tools for the viewers.

This blog has videos of interesting projects from around the world. This electronic blog only adds a few new blog posts each month, but it is usually very interesting and enaging posts. You can also earn cash by simply sending your project to them.Check it out!


PyroElectro is a blog full of projects, electronic news and tutorials. It also features many articles about robotics and electronic circuits. They periodical update their blog in a month.


The blog contains information about new components, ideas and news from around the world for elecronics hobbyists or enthusiasts. It also describes different technologies and tutorials on how to make different kinds of electronic circuits like Arduino shields and USB circuits . It got lots of new blog posts almost every day.

Home Made-Circuits

Home made circuits is a personal blog that has over 1000 electronic projects and  readers can earn by simply submitting their articles. There are new articles or projects to read almost everyday.

There are lots of other good blogs out there if you want more, search more!

If you know any other better electronics hobbyist blog, let me know via comments.

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