Here Are The Different Branches Of Electrical Engineering

Here Are The Different Branches Of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are professionals that deals with designing, testing and overseeing in  the manufacture and installation of electrical equipment .They also find solutions to electrical problems, design various ways in which electrical power can be used for various products and apply the laws of electrical energy to the generation, transmission and use of electricity.

There are four well defined branches of electrical engineering: power, telecommunications, electronics, and control systems.


Power Engineering is one of the earliest fields that has developed within Electrical Engineering. Electrical engineers who specializes in power are involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and application of electric power from sources like water, fossil fuel (coal and natural gas), nuclear, wind and solar energy. Many power engineers are part of those that builds, maintains and develops the large networks that connects power generators with users of this power which is known as the’ power grid’. These engineers, work for power utility companies and help to maintain power grids design components for the grid. Power engineers design  and work on devices like relays, generators, circuit breakers, transformers and so on.

Power engineering is further divided into three area of expertise which include;

  • Electricity generation
  • Electricity transmission
  • Electricity distribution

Power engineers that work on generation of power convert other forms of energy into electric power. These sources of power maybe  fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power and wind power.

Power engineers that work on transmission of power are responsible for moving power from the power station where it is being  generated to the location of the end users.

Power engineers that work on distribution of power are responsible for developing and maintaining systems that distribute power to the end users in voltages that can be used by the user’s device.

telecommunications engineering

Electrical engineers that specializes in telecommunications are involved in designing systems (Television and radio) that receive, transmit and deliver information into audio and video forms.

electronic engineering

Electronics engineers are involved in the designing and testing of electronic circuits that use the features of electronic components like resistors, capacitors , inductors , diodes , and transistors to achieve a specific functionality in a device. Electronic engineering covers subfields like analog electronics , digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics.

Control system engineer are involved in  designing analyzing, Optimizing and controlling of complex systems that are all around us. Such systems include guidance systems, automobile anti-lock braking systems, aircraft flight controllers,  automatic regulators and robotics controls.

Other branches of Electrical engineering includes

Among all the branches of electrical engineering, which one do you think is the most interesting, fun to learn and highly in demand.


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