See The Difference Between Digital And Analog Multimeter

See The Difference Between Digital And Analog Multimeter

When starting out as a beginner in electronic and you want to get a multimeter, this question comes in everyone’s mind.

Which multimeter  is better? Is it better to buy analog multimeter or is it better to go with digital multimeter.  Although both are used to measure current, resistance and voltage but they are quite different from each other.

The major difference between a digital and analog multimeter is the display. The digital multimeter displays the reading in digits mostly on a LED or LCD screen while Analog multimeter uses needle to show the value of the quantity being measured. However, there are alot of difference between analog and digital multimeter in terms of their prices, prolonged use and so on.

Analog Multimeter

Analog multimeter

Analog Multimeter Benefits

  • It is affordable.
  • When testing pressure and temperature sensors, analog is a better way to go because sweep can give any sign of erratic behavior.
  • An analogue multimeter, can correctly showcase impulsive fluctuations that are taking place with the electrical flow. It won’t be accurate readings like you get on a digital multimeter, but the analogue device will give you a general reading of any impulsive fluctuations and alert you to potential problems with the electricity flow in whatever you’re presently testing.
  • It is cheap to buy.

Analog Multimeter  cons.

  • Taking readings could be difficult from the scale.
  • It provides an inaccurate reading especially if the zero reading is not adjusted.
  • It is prone to errors due to wrong pointer based reading.

Digital Multimeter



Digital Multimeter Benefits

  • Provides more accurate readings on display than analog multimeter.
  • Much more Easier to read.

Digital Multimeter Cons.

  • It is not cheap when compared with analog multimeter.
  • A digital multimeter indicates whether a switch or sensor has actuated, but does not show detailed information about the transition from open to close. It is during this transition that various anomalies can and do occur.

Initially analog multimeter was widely used but these days many professionals prefer to use  digital multimeter.

So Which Is Better? In terms of features, readings and ease-of-use, the digital multimeter wins the race.

Hopefully this article has explained the difference between Analog and Digital multimeters and will be helpful in choosing your choice for a multimeter.


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